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It's easier than you think to maintain smooth skin.  Scheduling appointments at 4-6 week intervals will yield results that keep getting better with each treatment.  Blue Lotus uses waxes that contain Azulene which comes from the Chamomile flower. Azulene works as a natural anti-inflammatory which helps reduce irritation and redness during the treatment process.  One "dip" per spatula also ensures that your treatment will always be performed with clean, uncontaminated wax.


Brows               $15                              Ears       $7

Lip                     $15                              Nose      $7

Chin                  $15

Sideburns         $15

Face                 $35


*Brow, Lip & Chin Combo    $32 ($45 value)


Brow Rehab: Save 10% on a series of 4 Expert Brow Shapings.

Control your eyebrows. Don't let them control you!  


Underarm                                 $20

Forearm                                   $20

Bikini                                         $25

French bikini                             $35

Brazilian                                   $45

Lower leg                                 $35

Upper & Lower leg                   $45

Back                                         $45


If anything has been overlooked, just mention it. If it has hair on it; it can be waxed.



Schedule your appointment online today! or Call 404.542.8816
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