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Client centered service is the heart of Blue Lotus Clinical Skincare.  Everyone's skin is different.  Each facial treatment is specifically tailored to address the needs of that client's skin type. Service doesn't end when the treatment is over. My clients are welcome to contact me with any questions about taking care of their skin, or getting the most out of their home care regimen.



All equipment used in Blue Lotus' customized treatments are cleaned and sanitized between each client. Peace of mind is priceless. 

 At Blue Lotus Clinical Skincare, we enforce a strict "No Double-Dipping Policy" We do not use the same spatula to dip into our wax over and over. This is a unsantitary practice.  One dip per spatula ensures that your treatment will always be performed with clean, uncontaminated wax.



At Blue Lotus Clinical Skincare, it's my goal to earn your loyalty with each visit by giving you the best treatment possible-every time.  

Schedule your appointment online today! Call 404.542.8816
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